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TRIANGLE Design & Media
Triangle Design & Media use the latest cutting edge software to produce high end graphics and VFX for a variety of different media, including web design, film and video production and printed media. We also provide a full web design service.

Just click on the links above to see examples of our work, and if you need more info then contact us using the contact link or email us using the email address below. Thanks!

Canon DNE 650D

THE Canon DNE 650D does not exist in real life! It's just a 3D model that looks a bit like a Canon DSLR and it's FREE to download and use in your own Cinema 4D projects. Just click on the picture to open the download page and download away! To use this 3D model in your own Cinema 4D project, simply click on File, Merge, then locate the file on your computer and click Open.

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Triangle Design & Media presents the eagerly awaited horror sequel I Kill You! Part 2! Just kidding! This is a FREE After Effects full movie titles project file for you to use in your own movies! Just click on the link below to download the free project file and if you have any questions feel free to contact us!
Movie Titles by Triangle Design & Media 2013.